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Anonymous: So many girls are intimidated by you. I swear so many are scared you'll hit them lol.

I’d love to know why people find me intimidating, because I’m really not scary haha.

Anonymous: What's your best relationship advice? You and your boyfriend have been together for ages. I just want a boyfriend!!

You go looking for a boyfriend and act to eager for love and this and that, you won’t find it. When I started dating Tyler it was the most unexpected relationship ever. I wasn’t looking for one and I was just enjoying my life and having fun, nek minute I snatched up a hotty with a cute butt and I haven’t looked back since.


Anonymous: There's girls that one minute they're nice the next they're not. I can't handle it but I feel like when they're nice I've got to be too?

Sounds like people I know. Moles.
Seriously, I used to be nice back when they decided to be but now I’m over that effort. It’s exhausting keeping up with people who decide when it’s okay to be nice to you. So now, if people had been rude or bitches to me they can get fucked. I look at them and look the complete other way. I don’t put up with that shit anymore and you feel so much better when you act as if they don’t exist. As silly as it sounds, if a rude bitch smiles at me cuz her lame friends aren’t around and I give her the cold shoulder, I feel better because I’m not playing their game anymore, I’m playing my own.